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When your new fish arrive please remove the tied fish bag and float it in your tank till the water temperature in the bag and tank is similar or equal (It usually takes 20-30 minutes). After that try and gently remove the fish from the bag with your hand (we don't recommend using a net) and discard water in the bag, do not pour bagged water into your tank.


Each fish responses differently to the new environment after shipping. Some might acclimate like a champ and act like nothing has happened and that's great. However, for some and most the typical temporary responses are sluggish, bottom sitting, slimy, hide in a corner, swimming erratically, not interested in food (we will discuss this in details below) and it's NORMAL for them to act like that after spending a great amount of time in transit.

Please leave the fish alone for 24-48 hours after releasing into the tank. What we mean by that is please do not treat the fish with any medications right away. We're confident enough to say that my fish is cleaned after an extensive quarantine process they went through. What we do recommend is that adding aquarium salt but double the dose recommended on the box. If you still wish to treat them please wait after the 24-48 hours period is over or when you see the fish become active/strong enough to do so.


It's very important that you DO NOT feed the fish for the first 24-48 hours or till they become active/strong enough. Regardless of how desperate they beg please DO NOT feed. You will end up hurting its GI tract instead of helping it.

Its first meal ideally should be soft/gel food or frozen bloodworms/daphnia. Feed them small amount at first and gradually increasing amount and frequency, after a few feeds you can start feeding them pellets. If you don't have gel food or frozen bloodworms on hand, you can soak your pellets for a few minutes and feed minimal amount at first. 


There will be a fish that would take longer than 24-48 hours to recover from shipping if that's the case we kindly ask you to give it a few more days (in some cases a week) and please do not hesitate to contact us through email, FB/IG as well. We'll try our best to help you and get the fish back on track.

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